The world of Hollywood is a place of its own where people constantly are trying to get in and make it big for themselves. Not all choose the right path or get a big break on the first go as many of the famous stars we know today had to struggle before becoming what they are today.

At times the wrong path leads to the right choice and this is what happened with a few of the stars. Falling into the escort industry opened up doors, that they could have never even imagined. Thus below are few of the celebrities who were escorts before becoming famous.


1) Marilyn Monroe

Before taking over the Hollywood by storm, Marilyn Monroe used to go by the name Norma Jean.  Just as many other people at the time who were trying to make it big in Hollywood she too would do anything to reach her goal. From hanging out with reputed directors and other studio stars to being seen with them at private dinners and outing, Marilyn Monroe knew how to get what she wanted. As we all now know this only helped her in her career and now she is one among the profoundly uttered name of the Hollywood’s Golden Age.

2) Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt came to Hollywood with just a few hundred dollars in his pocket and after he was late for an audition for Thom Racina, he landed up being hired as the Gay soap stars houseboy. In those years Brad Pitt’s name often came up, regarding his sexuality and what he actually did for a living. Since then on he was seen with many other female celebrities before finally getting hitched with Jennifer Aniston in the year 2000.

3) Russell Brand

The ex-husband of Katy Perry was one among the notable actors who was very open about his addiction to drugs and sex. In one interview Katy even stated that Russell was an escort and wasn’t ashamed about it. All the fun and glory of Russell’s escort life came to an end when he was with Katy and since then despite them breaking up he still hasn’t gone to the old days of escorting and has also since then been living a good and non-controversial life.

4)  Sophie Anderton-

Sophie Anderton is one among the big names when it comes to escorts who made it big in Hollywood. She has openly spoken about the time she was a high-end escort and has openly admitted that she has charged men nearly 15,000 pounds for her cocaine addiction. Once in an interview, she also admitted to having got 50,000 pounds for being with five men. Since 2004 she has steered her life and been clean since then.

5) Matthew Paetz

Matthew Paetz got all his stardom due to his controversial relationship with Lea Michele. He is an average tv start, but in 2014 it was reported by TMZ that he was living a double life. It was found that Matthew had an account on “COWBOYS4ANGELS” under the name Christian and as this site offered male companionship to female it became much more clear as to what the tv star was up to in his personal life.

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