The world of escorts in a never-ending industry as there are more and more people going into it as there are a ton of advantages of being one and also as it opens a doorway to living a lavish lifestyle.

The common understanding among the society is that if a person is branded as an escort, then they lead either a lavish life in which they can buy anything, and everything they wish and people of the opposite or the same gender are just waiting to be with them. This could be true but being an escort is not an easy job. People think its a safe form of work as these escorts have no bosses above them and can do anything they want at any time, little do they know the world of escorts bring in a lot of hate and disadvantages too. Thus the following are few of the disadvantages of being an escort.

1) Sub-human treatment

It is true that escorts do live a lavish lifestyle, but it is also true that they are treated as sub-humans when their services are not needed. People tend to forget that they are people who have feeling and life and treat them like objects which they can use at their own free time.

2) No support from feminazis

Despite most escorts are on the leading trends which are promoting feminism, not all feminazis agree with them. Thus the voices of these escorts are constantly being curbed, and their thought and ideologies are merely being judged due to the profession they chose to make a living out of.

3) Discarded from mainstream society

Most of the escorts tend to live far away from the societies are they are usually not included in anything and are constantly looking down on. Thus this solitude is what makes them stronger but at the same time make them feel insecure about themselves.

4) See people at their most vulnerable state

People usually tend to think the world of escorts is all about the happiness and people are constantly having fun without any worry, but the truth is that these escorts see people at their most vulnerable state and this even immensely affects their own mental state.

5) Lying for a living

This is one of the worst aspects of being an escort as constantly lying for a living makes it hard to differentiate between real life and the life they are trying to portray. At one point it gets hard to stop and this slowly even starts to affect their standard of living.

6) Constantly placing the risk of life

Escorts never know the type of person they are going to meet. The person could be anyone and could do anything to them at any moment; thus this key aspect makes this job extremely risky.

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