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(Shipping included in the Continental United States)
Each Individual Craft Kit Package will include:

ONE Craft kit per order. Each kit will include everything needed to complete the craft, along with a detailed instruction sheet. The only thing you will need to provide is glue and scissors.

Flip Flop Craft Image Football Pillow Craft Image
Ribbon Flip Flops Football Pillow
Knotted Ribbons & buttons Knotted fleece pillow
No sewing required Stuffing included - no sewing
Finished size: 3.75" x 5.5"

Cheesecloth Ghost with pumpkin Craft Image Foam Haunted House Craft Image
Cheesecloth Ghost with Pumpkim Foam Haunted
Easy Assembly Easy Assembly
Finished size: 11" Finished size: 7.5" tall

Felt Pumpkim Bag Craft Image Foam Pirate Ship Craft Image
Felt Pumpkin Bag Foam Pirate Ship
Easy Assembly Easy Assembly
Finished size: 10" tall Finished size: 12" tall

Fleece Scarf Craft Image Penguin Hat Craft Image
Striped Fleece Scarf Fleece Penguin Hat
Fleece scarf with ribbons Knotted fleece pillow
No sewing required No sewing required
Finished size: 7" x 50" Finished size: 9" x 12"

Gingerbread House Craft Image Felt Sign Craft Image
Foam Gingerbread House Happy Holidays
Felt Sign
Easy Assembly Hanging felt sign
Finished size: 7.5" tall Some sewing required
Finished size: 12" x 18"

Christmas Tree Pillow Craft Image Fleece Snowman Stocking Craft Image
Christmas Tree Pillow Snowman Stocking
Knotted fleece pillow Fleece hanging stocking
Stuffing included - no sewing No sewing required
Finished size: 8.5" x 11" Finished size: 7" x 15"

Felt Caterpillar Craft Image Wire Butterfly Craft Image
Felt Caterpillar Wire Butterfly
Easy Assembly Assembly - slightly difficult
Finished size: 6" long Finished size: 3" x 5"

Star Craft Image
   Wooden Hanging Star
  Assembly - slightly difficult
  Star finished size: 10"