The escort service industry is mostly all about the looks and how a person presents themselves. Many people get into this industry for various reasons but never make it to the top due to multiple reasons.

The role of being an escort is easy but the role of being a high-end escort which everyone desire, now this is the challenging part. It takes a lot more than just showing up as an escort to make it into the big leagues. Thus, here we have compiled you a list of points which you can use to become the most desired escort. Fair warning some of these will involve you to put in your maximum effort.

1) Maintain good physic

When it comes to a job where your presentation skills are the main reason why people will hire you, then it’s time to workout and get in shape. Clients are very picky and don’t choose the escort even if they find a shred of proof which shows them that the escort is not in good shape. Escort services are just like when the jeweler showcase the jewels to their customers, they have to look pretty to the eyes and must have a suave about them.

2) Prioritize your clients

It is an undeniable fact that being an escort means there are constant requests from people which are bound to come your way but its not a necessity that you have to accept all of them. Make sure to choose your clients in such a way such that, you being with them should not just increase their value, but it should increase your value too. It’s perfectly fine to judge your client before saying yes to them as you must feel comfortable around them cause the main aspect of being an escort is spending as much as time with the client to cater to their every need.

3) Make sure to get professional pictures taken to get better clients

No client is going to choose an escort if their pictures look dull and bleak. Well, at least no good client is going to choose them, thus make sure to get professionally lit taken photographer so that your clients can see your importance just by looking at you and they don’t think twice before spending a ton of money of you.

4) Maintain good oral health

Good oral hygiene applies for everyone in the world but if you are an escort and want to be the best at it, then it’s time to take a little extra care of your smile. As you are constantly going to meet people you are bound to the norm of smiling at them regardless of what they look like; thus in circumstances like these, your smile becomes your greatest weapon which you can use to create an excellent first impression on them.

5) Listen to the clients

A good escort always knows how to get her way through the clients, but all this can only be done if you keenly listen to your clients and what they desire from you.  As time passes by and you start to interact with more number of clients you will slowly inculcate the aspect of understanding the subtext of what your clients actually want from you despite not being able to say it to you clearly. This is one of the best-added advantages you can get as this will directly make you the best among all other escorts. But if you are a beginner and are trying to work your way up the ladder then listening to your clients request to the Dot is your main priority.

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