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    Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe Training Glasses

    The new Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe Training Eyewear has several unique benefits. It increases an athlete's peripheral awareness and ability to perceive subtle motion cues. It also improves visual short-term memory retention. So, what exactly are these unique glasses? Here's a look. Listed below are a few of the features of these eyewear. Read on to find out how these glasses can improve your performance! Improves athlete's ability to pick up subtle motion cues A recent study published in the journal Sports Medicine reported that wearing the Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe training glasses improved an athlete's visual information processing and timing. The study's participants were college athletes at Duke University,…

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    Can You Do Sport After Using CBD Products?

    One question that is frequently asked about marijuana is, “Can you do sports after using CBD products?” Athletes are often concerned that it will effect their performance. Despite the fact that most cannabis users have more sport than non-users, the answer to that question is a bit complicated. The first step to ensuring that you are not too high to enjoy sport. However, there are CBD trusted by athletes. This product can make you feel more relaxed and can make any types of physical movements more enjoyable. In addition, cannabis has a variety of effects on the brain. Although marijuana is a legal substance, there are some risks. The wrong…

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    What is Stroboscopic Training?

    As the name suggests, this kind of visual training involves wearing special eyewear that produces a stroboscopic image. The objective of such sport training glasses is to improve a person’s perceptual-motor skills without requiring them to perform in an optimal environment. It has been used in sports vision training and is used to treat symptoms of motion sickness. The use of stroboscopic vision in sports has also increased in popularity over the last few years. During a Stroboscopic visual training session, the subject is exposed to intermittent views of the visual world. This helps the participant in gaining better attentional abilities. In addition, it helps to improve their acuity, anticipation,…