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Handmade Leather Bags in Chicago

If you are looking for a unique handcrafted leather bag in Chicago this place for you. With tons of local artisans and makers in the area, you're sure to find something that is truly one-of-a-kind. Shop for bespoke string instruments, leather handbags, custom bicycles, and more, all created by skilled artisans. You'll never find another bag like it! If you're in the mood for a unique piece of handcrafted leather goods, try browsing the shops located around the city.
Meg Musick's handcrafted leather bags are one-of-a-kind

Meg Musick is a designer of handmade leather goods. She was commissioned by Chicago's Loyola Press to design a leather presentation folio for Pope Francis's book, Dear Francis: Answers to Letters from Children Around the World. She also created a leather portfolio envelope reminiscent of leather bags used by the Pony Express. While her designs are often one-of-a-kind, she welcomes custom work.

Meg began her career as a multi-line sales representative. In 2005, she created her own brand of accessories made from recycled vinyl records, album covers, and concert t-shirts. Her products are featured in fashion magazines and sold at boutiques across the U.S. and even in Japan and Australia. They are one-of-a-kind, custom-made, and handmade in Chicago.
Laudi Vidni's waist bag is a belt with a fit and flare dress

Styled as a belt with a fit and flare gown, Laudi Vidni's waist bag draws attention to its beautiful shape and snits the waistline. Its slender straps are a convenient way to carry a phone, wallet, and keys. You'll also look sleek and sophisticated wearing this belt. You can accessorize your fit and flare dress with any of Laudi Vidni's snitted styles.
Chester Mox's products are versatile

If you're looking for a quality leather handbag at a reasonable price, look no further than Chester Mox. The brand is based in Monterey Park, California, and crafts a range of fine leather goods. It sources leathers from around the world and produces classic leather goods using saddle stitching techniques. The company's founder Andrew McAteer crafts each leather item in his Queens apartment building's basement.

The leather used by Chester Mox is soft and durable, and its wallets are among the most stylish and functional pieces on the market. The company offers two types of leather: boxcalf and Moroccoalf. The latter type is semi-aniline, making it more stain and water-resistant. Each is crafted with unique features, making each item truly unique and suited to your personal style.
Ashland Leather Co.'s products are made from Horween Leather

As leather gets older, so do its products. The leather used by Ashland Leather Co. develops its unique character with age. The company's most prized leather is Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan. This leather is produced from a part of horsehide with an irregular oval shape, creating a deep aniline finish. As a result, Ashland Leather Co.'s wallets get better with age and develop character as they go.

The leather's texture varies according to age, gender, and weight. A female dairy cow has a different skin texture than a male beef steer. The female cow's skin has areas that have been stretched repeatedly. The leather is therefore more suitable for furniture and garments but not shoes and footballs. In addition to making leather for leather products, Ashland Leather Co. is the exclusive supplier of leather for the NFL. Its process involves 75 different steps and takes 25 days to complete. Before the leather was used in NFL footballs, hides were shipped by barge to the Chicago stockyards.
Corter Leather's products are made from Dearborn Denim

Dearborn is a brand of authentic American denim, crafted in Chicago, Illinois, by Robert McMillan. He started the company to show that small businesses could produce denim ethically in the U.S. He now manufactures some of Corter's most popular products, including belts, bags, and wallets. The company also offers a line of sustainable swim trunks and shorts. In Montreal, two young entrepreneurs, Hicham Ratnani and Ethan Song, founded Frank and Oak in 2012. Their casual basics for men are available in stores in Canada and the U.S.