Is Google My Business Free?

Using Google My Business is an excellent way to get your business noticed. It has many advantages. You can post events and upload pictures and videos of your products and services. You can also verify your location and respond to reviews. Regardless of whether you run a local business or not, it’s important to use Google My Business.
Create a Google My Business listing

In order to create a Google My Business listing for free, you need to provide certain information to the search engine. First, you need to add your business phone number, website address, and a real physical address. Affordable SEO LLC online should be the address where your storefront is located and should not be a post office box. This information is used to verify your business. While it will not be displayed to the public, you should make sure that your address is consistent across all platforms.

Once your listing has been verified, it’s time to fill out the rest of the information. It’s important to list the category and address of your business, and choose a photo of the business. You should also specify the hours of operation. You can also choose a region or service area.

After submitting your information, Google will send you a verification code. You can either call or mail the code. This code will verify that you are the owner of the listing. You can also request that the current owner transfer their listing to you. Once your listing has been verified, you’ll be able to access your Google My Business listing.
Upload images and videos

When posting an image or video to Google My Business, it’s important to keep the size and aspect ratio in mind. The recommended size is 540×405 pixels, and the aspect ratio should be 4:3. read more… will be used both for the post’s thumbnail and the post itself. You can add a wide image if you want it to fit, but keep in mind that the image may be cropped if it’s too wide.

When uploading images and videos to Google My Business, make sure that they’re of good quality. While you may be tempted to add whatever you want, it’s best to use the highest-quality image possible. If you’re uploading a video, make sure it doesn’t use excessive effects filters. In addition, don’t use superimposed graphics or any other type of content that takes up more than 10% of the frame.

Images are the most important part of a Google My Business listing, and you can include them in search results and local listings. If your business is unique, consider using a video to tell a story about your brand and products. Google My Business supports videos up to 100MB in size. You can upload up to 30 seconds of video at 720 resolution.
Verify your location

If you want to have your business listed on Google Maps and Google Search, verifying your location is a great way to do this. Verification links your Google account to your location and positively confirms that you own the business. Sometimes, you need to enter a PIN code, but some partner platforms can automatically verify your location for you. After completing the process, Google will provide you with a verification code, which you can then use to edit your listing.

The first step is to create a Google Business profile. You will need to include your business name, category, and address. You may also want to include a location marker if you have one. Lastly, you’ll need a real address, not a post office box. This address is used to verify your business. It’s not displayed on the site, but it’s necessary to add it. It’s important to note that your real address is not publicly available, so you can’t put a post office box on it. Otherwise, you can simply use your business’s email address instead.

Once you have created a Google account and verified your business, you can access the Verify Your Location feature. It will allow you to easily manage your local business information. This feature is available for those businesses with more than one location. You can verify your location either by phone or by email. It will take about a week for the verification process.
Respond to reviews

If you’re a small business owner, responding to customer reviews can be an important part of building your brand. You can use the free Google My Business app to find and reply to reviews. You can use the app to manage all reviews, search for reviews, and send messages to customers. To respond to reviews, you can use a template or write your own customized response.

When responding to reviews, make sure to emphasize the goals of your business. It’s important to keep in mind that people will see your response if they’re searching for a business. Besides, this is your opportunity to make things right with the customer and demonstrate that you’ve taken action to fix the issue.

local SEO Affordable SEO LLC of the benefits of responding to reviews is that it boosts your local search rankings. It also helps with your online visibility, and Google confirms this. If a customer leaves a review, it’s essential to respond to it as soon as possible. If a business waits too long to respond, the customer may simply forget the review and move on.

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