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Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe Training Glasses

The new Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe Training Eyewear has several unique benefits. It increases an athlete's peripheral awareness and ability to perceive subtle motion cues. It also improves visual short-term memory retention. So, what exactly are these unique glasses? Here's a look. Listed below are a few of the features of these eyewear. Read on to find out how these glasses can improve your performance!
Improves athlete's ability to pick up subtle motion cues

A recent study published in the journal Sports Medicine reported that wearing the Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe training glasses improved an athlete's visual information processing and timing. The study's participants were college athletes at Duke University, who completed computer-based evaluations of their visual-motor skills. The team also included 41 varsity football players, who participated in drills and lab exercises while wearing the Vapor Strobes.

The new eyewear is designed with the SPARQ Sensory Performance system to analyze an athlete's visual performance and create a custom training program to improve specific skills. The Sparq Vapor Strobe's curved plastic LCD lenses produce a strobe effect that blocks out vision for a brief period of time and forces an athlete to anticipate a moving object.
Improves visual short-term memory retention

A simple behavioral training method can expand the limits of working memory and improve various cognitive processes. While initial investigations have yielded mixed results, this study focuses on the beneficial effect of working memory training on visual short-term memory capacity. Visual short-term memory is an important area of human cognition that has received relatively little attention in the training literature. It plays an important role in recognizing and recalling details that have recently been encountered in real-world situations.

The ability to remember visual information briefly is referred to as the visual short-term memory (VSTM). This system is necessary for ongoing cognitive tasks that involve recalling details and patterns. Its representations are more stable and durable than their iconic counterparts. These representations can survive eye blinks, eye movements, and other visual interruptions. This short-term memory differs from long-term memory (LTM), in that its capacity is limited and it creates schematic representations very rapidly.
Improves athletes' ability to perceive peripheral awareness

A study conducted at Duke University found that the use of Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe training sunglasses increased athletes' sensitivity to peripheral awareness. The study involved wearing the eyewear during various training sessions, including Go/No-Go modules and Eye-Hand Coordination. The athletes used the glasses during the second week of training. Their performance improved by over 20 percent.

Participants were trained in a series of drills based on sport-specific targets. During the first week, participants used a Quick Board and padded hockey stick blades to touch targets. During the second week, participants were instructed to touch targets with both their left and right feet. The training routines concluded with Fitlight exercises. The participants then switched their hands to throw the balls.

The strobe lights used in the study temporarily disrupt visual signals to the brain. The strobe lights illuminate moving objects at specific times. These lights also add a challenge to the athletes' responses, as they must recognize and relate to these objects in motion. The NIKE Sparq Vapor Strobe training glasses enhance peripheral awareness while reducing post-concussion vision syndrome.
Increases visual short-term memory retention

The Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe training glass is one of the latest innovations in athletic performance. It increases visual short-term memory retention and challenges eye-hand coordination, and incorporates a strobe effect for even more stimulation. The study was conducted by L. Gregory Appelbaum, professor of physical education at Duke University, who is also a sports psychologist.

According to the study, stroboscopic training enhances the ability of participants to process information presented in brief bursts, as well as improves their perception of subtle motion cues. The study was a success, as participants reported a boost in their visual short-term memory. Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance, the company that created the eyewear, marketed the product under the name Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe. Among its features, the Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe has an adjustable strobe speed.

The study also examined students from Duke University's basketball and soccer teams. The athletes underwent a test that involved recalling letters in specific spaces. Afterwards, they were asked to wear special glasses for a period of 24 hours. Compared to their counterparts, they performed significantly better in this task. In addition, the study also investigated the effects of stroboscopic training on long-term memory.